Sunday, 17 November 2019

Making pizzas

This week the children have had a real fascination around pizzas. We set up a pizza parlour in the home corner, which the children have loved pretending to make pizzas out of playdough and deleiverying them to their firends, in pizza boxes. The children have also pretended to take each other’s order over the phone and mark making to flee sent their friends order.

From this, myself and Miss Midgley helped the children make their own pizzas out of tortilla wraps, tomato purée, sweet corn, cheese and peppers. The children took them to the school kitchen, which the dinner staff kindly cooked for us. After the children ate their pizzas in the hall, they loved it! 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Autumn 2 begins!!!

This week Nursery have loved exploring their new Maths area. In this area, lots of the children have been investigating how to the magnetic shapes attach onto the different surfaces. The children found it fascinating when they realised the shapes were attracted to the radiator. They have loved attaching them to the radiator to make different patterns and shape pictures. Other children have been using the magnetic shapes to make pizza, balls and robots.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Halloween fun!!

This week the children have loved dressing up for Halloween. They have enjoyed making potions in the water area and loved spooky day, in which lots of the children dressed up as a spooky characters. Thank you to everyone who donated. 

Please could you spend some time with you child to draw a picture about something exciting your child does over the holidays. Hope everyone has a lovely week. 

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Week 7

This week the children have started to talk about Halloween. They have loved exploring how to create their own bats in the craft area. They have used a range of materials to add features to their bats and to finish the children added lollipop sticks to help their bats fly!

At the end of the week the children showed lots of curiosity in exploring light. The children loved investigating, on large paper, how the light from the sun can cause different coloured shades by using the coloured blocks. They began to realise how by adding to blocks together could change the overall colour of the shadow. For example, yellow and blue to make green.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Autumn Explorers!

This week the children have been interested in exploring the pumpkins. They loved using spoons to scoop out the seeds and try to count how many they found. Some of the children have begun to talk about Halloween and turning the pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern.

Also this week, the children have been interested in making their own stick and leaf man pictures. They have listening to the ‘Stick man’ story and being Autumn explores.  

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Mask making and colour sorting!

This week the children have been really interested in creating their own masks. They have explored making their masks using a variety of materials such as, card, buttons, string, pom poms, sticks and pipe cleaners.

Also, this week the children have be learning to sort by colour. The children in Key Worker groups have been trying to sort the coloured compare bears onto the correct coloured plates. 

Monday, 30 September 2019

Dinosaur fire fighters!!!

This week the children have continued
 their interest in Dinosaurs. 
However, they have widened their interests
 due to the book ‘Dinosaur firefighters’. 
They have loved pretending to be 
firefighters using the dinosaurs and 
people to help put out ‘fires’ in dinosaur 

Autumn is now open us and we would love to begin to explore any autumn treasures! If you go on any walks or on your way to school, please could you keep a look out for any conkers, different coloured leaves, pine cones and sticks then could you bring them in for Ladybirds class to explore.


Friday, 20 September 2019

Week 2 in Nursery

Nursery have loved exploring their interests in dinosaurs and robots this week. 

The children have loved dancing and following the steps to the dinosaur stomp song. Other children have enjoyed role playing with the dinosaurs. They have built houses for their dinosaurs using blocks and Lego. Some children have even saved the dinosaurs from the sticky playdough. There is going to be a surprise waiting for the children in the dinosaur area next week! Check next week to see what the children discovered. 

Also, the children have been interested in the story 'That's not my robot' by Fiona Watt. Children have been using different materials such as, cardboard boxes, bottle lids, plastic container and egg cartons to make their own robots. The children have really persevered when making their robots as it was hard to glue and stick all their pieces together. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Welcome to the Ladybird Nursery Blog!

Welcome to the Ladybird Nursery Blog! 

We have had a fantastic first week in Nursery and we are very proud of how well the children are settling into Iveson. The children are exploring the areas of learning in the Early Years unit and have been learning the daily routines. 
We have also celebrated our first Special Mentions of the academic year.... Well done Tilly and Abdullah!

The children have been exploring every area both inside and out whilst playing alongside peers forming new relationships. Visit the blog again this week to see photographs of the children's imaginative learning.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Farm Visit

Nursery really enjoyed meeting the animals and using our senses to explore all the different things to feel, smell, listen to, and see. Big thank you to Ian's Mobile Farms for coming in and showing us how amazing these animals are!

We hope you all had a lovely time coming and staying to play with us with the farm.

Mr Cockburn & Miss Midgley